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Best Hairdresser in London

You won’t be disappointed with the hairstyle our hairdresser gives you, you’ll leave Pretty Side Of You looking and feeling wonderful, prepared for any event that’s thrown your way. Services include haircuts, curling, perms, colour and highlights, so whatever vision you want to rock, we’ve got you covered. Everything we do revolves around hair: no matter the service, our skilled stylists will be here to deliver, no matter the request or job size.

Elegant hair for elegant events

Whether you're looking to sport a knotted bun updo for more relaxed events or a classy headband braid for wedding receptions, soft waves for a fancy celebration or a classic chignon for a formal dinner party, our choice of evening hairstyles has something for everyone. Whichever hairstyle you choose for whichever event, we'll have you styled and stunning in just one brief booking, with styles that suit your individual image and enhance your face.

Look fantastic with GHD curls

Our stylists have been trained in colour correction and take into account many factors before changing your hair colour once it's been dyed, most notably your roots. We can clear up hair disasters, home-dye situations gone wrong and other treatments you don't like. Our experts will neutralize any colours that don't suit you and camouflage splashes of dye with more natural tones. So whatever your situation, don't panic. Our colour correctors are here to help!

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All over London, anywhere out of South London will have an extra £5 charge.

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